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IT network room power solutions

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First, the traditional UPS power supply and environmental building programs need to meet higher demand
 In the critical period of the current network room digitization, industrial restructuring, network room new technology models and business models for stable operation and security systems put a higher demand, also on the basis of all services and applications - Power and Environment system construction made more demands and new challenges.
 Large network room (or IDC) room service is currently booming, reliability, safety, maintainability need its power management schemes have been greatly improved. In the room with loads mainly a variety of computers, servers, disk arrays and other loads. At present, the construction of a digital television system AC uninterruptible power systems (UPS) building facing the following problems:
 1) UPS power supply arrangement showing the dispersion condition, the post-stage AC electrical equipment to take power of concentration;
 2) Supply Scheme UPS system is not reasonable;
 3) UPS variety, in addition to the mainstream manufacturers, there are many small manufacturers of products, good and bad;
 4) UPS input and output system configuration showing the status quo is not entirely justified;
 5) the use and maintenance of the status of the UPS, for various reasons, it is not ideal.
 Second, in any room up to the Group for large networks, IDC room system provides digital power solution analysis
 Based on the global forefront of technology, either up power for the user to provide a full range of network room large network room, IDC Digital room UPS power solutions that enable users to program closer to reality, the entire UPS system more reliable, more secure, maintenance easier.
 The following is a few large-scale network traffic command center room in program analysis:
 UPS power supply mainly to the main computer equipment to provide uninterrupted power supply. The program uses two Renda Industrial ups uninterruptible power supply system consisting 300kUPS and running industry-wide application of the 1 + 1 redundancy and system reliability is a single 5.5-fold.
 Analysis program elements:
 In today's traffic control centers and other important room ups uninterruptible power supply systems, in order to ensure that the load is not important because failure UPS, batteries, internal module system, causing power outages and other problems in the current technical conditions, the use of "N + 1 "type of redundancy and UPS power supply system is the best program to eliminate these failures. It is to ensure that the UPS units of the inverter output power in the same magnitude, with the same frequency and phase of the condition (appeared in "Circulation" zero between various single UPS), the "N + 1" Taiwan has the output of the same output power of a single UPS placed parallel output state to run the power supply system. This advanced machine program and much better than the stand-alone operation of the UPS as well as other ways to run hot backup.
 Using N + 1 redundancy and high reliability of the power supply system in the following areas:
 1. Make sure there is a UPS failure, the load will still be able to provide all highly reliable uninterrupted power supply.
 2. redundancy and load electricity system brings significantly improved reliability, and reliability of such power load of 99.999% or even higher.
 3. With the growth in the customer's business, when the load equipment for expansion, and the only existing systems for expansion can be, without having to create a new UPS system, thus corresponding cost savings for customers and still maintaining high reliability of the power supply system.
     Third, the program summary
Renda power intelligent traffic command center command system construction and N + 1 redundancy system, customers can bring high reliability power supply systems, so for the parallel program points and recommended indicators are as follows:
 A decentralized direct parallel, UPS recommends direct parallel, without increasing and cabinets, has built-in automatic bypass and maintenance bypass. Users save floor space, reduce purchasing costs and for future expansion.
 2, requires high precision parallel current standards, so that all UPS units unbalanced load <2%, circulation <1A.
 3, and the machine must ring signal bus connections, simple and reliable, automatic redundancy.
 4, between the UPS units can automatically coordinate, users do not need to focus on the boot sequence; the overload switch to bypass the system can automatically recover; even after the failure of a station out of operation UPS, UPS still remaining stable operation.
 5, monitoring software application especially for international customers, we recommend are full, the British Windows interface, intelligent monitoring software available for free directly connect all the UPS.
 With the rapid development of the network room, UPS power supply system will also provide a strong power protection for network room with higher quality and more reliable power solutions.