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Small and Medium Data Center Solutions

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Integrated Solutions is building a new room concept, integrating intelligent infrastructure through an entire row of cabinets, to provide you with a cost-effective whole room, but can also be used as a room modular unit to help you achieve in different sizes, different complexity room your IT goals.
Data Center UPS power
1, the power system, dual power supply scheme usually use the bus or redundancy and meet small data center servers and other IT equipment power requirements and high reliability. Dual-bus power system, there are two separate UPS power supply (UPS distribution system included), in the case of normal power supply can not be any of a bus powered (power supply system) require maintenance or failure, another set of powered buses still bear all the load to ensure that the supply room service, business center to ensure that the data is not affected. Redundancy and power supply systems, using UPS redundancy and ways to improve the reliability of the power supply system to ensure data center power.
In the UPS output to between servers and other IT equipment input, use SPM (Server Power Manager) for power distribution and power management, power monitoring and management of each cabinet, to improve power system reliability and manageability. For the dual power of servers and other IT equipment can be introduced by SPM directly from the two bus double bus power supply system can ensure high reliability of its electricity. For single-channel power of servers and other IT equipment, usually selected STS (Static Transfer Switch) switch for selecting a power supply bus. When power supply is normal bus can not, STS will automatically switch quickly to another set of normal bus power supply to ensure reliable electricity servers and other IT equipment.
       2, environmental control systems, precision air-conditioned room is usually used to adjust the data center environment, to ensure that the operating environment servers and other IT equipment. For the heat capacity of servers and other IT equipment, usually used Qualcomm porosity (typically greater than 70%) Net Confucian cabinet, increase the amount of wind out of the cabinet; the cabinet face to face, back to back arrangement, the formation of hot and cold air duct isolation in the engine room, improve the cooling efficiency; air conditioning with air or under the air, etc., flexible air, room air to ensure uniform cooling.
3, room monitoring and management system, the need for small data center power supply, air conditioning and other equipment running state management, but also the need for the engine room environment, such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke and other parameters were monitored to ensure that the data center to work in a normal within the range. And data center equipment operating parameters and the amount of real-time monitoring and management of the environment, while the remote monitoring and management, and the room unattended.
System, saving up to 27% (effective UPS, precision cooling technology, enclosed hot and cold aisles, group control technology)
Power High Availability (parallel UPS technology, Tier4 dual bus technology, STS automatically switching technology)
Unified management platform, improve IT efficiency (RDU monitoring platform integrated device / environment / safety, etc.)
Construction period is short (a few weeks to complete)
Compared with traditional methods, the total cost can be reduced 1/3 room (including land, design, electricity, maintenance)
By using a standard, integrated subsystem, significantly reducing design time, reduce implementation cycles
Original system debugging, complete delivery, ensuring seamless match between the various subsystems
Unified product training / spares / emergency / experience sharing / remote managed services, etc.
By DCIM server management system, strengthen the system performance
By RDU, ICOM and other powerful equipment / environmental management tools to ensure reliable operation of the engine room
Through Smart PDU management load, predict the risk of overheating