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High Frequency power supply 160KVA-400KVA

RDHU Series UPS can provide users with medium to large data centers, critical load to provide a stable and reliable power supply to protect the environment, to meet the high reliability requirements of users of the power of the UPS. Applications IGBT doub

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  • Product description
    High Frequency power  supply 160KVA-400KVA :
    RDHU Series UPS can provide users with medium to large data centers, critical load to provide a stable and reliable power supply to protect the environment, to meet the high reliability requirements of users of the power of the UPS. Applications IGBT double conversion online technology and dual built-in microprocessor to ensure stable, pure sine wave output, provides users a safe and reliable power protection.


     Design by online double conversion technology, fully isolation the effect for load from city grid or other power network pollution.
    1. online double conversion design, various grid pollution and power failure completely isolated mains and oil machine may affect the load.
    2. Output power factor up to 0.9, more adapted to large-scale use of power factor correction technology server computer and network center, increasing load capacity than traditional UPS with more than 10%.
    3. The use of advanced DSP and 6th generation digital control technology, higher system stability.
    4. zero phase shift output isolation transformer to reduce the impact of zero voltage and load harmonic current of the inverter.
    5. super output overload and short circuit capacity to ensure system security and system stability limit state.
    6. Advanced distributed active parallel technology, without centralized bypass cabinet, allow up to six units in parallel.
    7. Wide input voltage and frequency range, harsh power environments.
    8. Intelligent battery management, automatic maintenance battery and prolong life.
    9. 6-inch LCD display, Chinese and English display interface, user-friendly.
    10. tiered stand-sealed duct and redundant fan design, circuit board three anti-paint protection, built-in dust filter, with the effective protection and efficient heat and harsh environments.
    11. inverter anti-overload and short-circuit output adept device anti nominal inverter overload:
            110% can work 60 minutes; 10 minutes to work at 125%; can work one minute when 165%; 200% can work 30 seconds (single-phase) Due to the unique regulation limiting output
    Technology, so when a user inadvertently cause serious when the UPS output overload or short circuit, the inverter output current will not grow indefinitely, so that the model has a strong anti-short-circuit and anti-order
    Load jump "shock" capability (Note: Each UPS in the factory have done a successful output short circuit test). Therefore, the inverter of the high reliability of the UPS.
    12. excellent capability with unbalanced load
          When the band 100% unbalanced load, the asymmetry between the three-phase phase voltage is less than 2 percent of its three-phase phase shift of less than 1201% asymmetry. While some models can take a three-phase unbalanced load,
    But did not give a degree of asymmetry index, or a greater degree of asymmetry. Such models in the long-term with a three-phase unbalanced load, may be due to voltage drift caused symmetry load power failure.
    13.Add "ECO" energy-saving mode
          The control circuit to be chosen "ECO" mode, that is, when the external power quality is better, UPS automatically bypass power to the load when the grid voltage or frequency changes occur
    Can be converted to automatic uninterruptible power inverter or fluctuations. This power supply mode can improve the overall efficiency of the UPS to 97% (Note: This setting is generally used for better power quality area).
    14.Perfect battery management function
         Has a microprocessor controlled fully functional battery management functions: it includes a battery charging system with temperature compensation function; battery charger limiting control, anti-over voltage and over-charging
    Stream discharge automatic protection function; LCD real-time display the percentage of battery charge capacity, real-time back-up power supply and discharge, as well as the use of a programmable automatic test software performs the battery pack
    Periodic discharge function.
    15. multiple communication functions
         Via RS232 or RS485 communication interface, the user can type into the interactive menu on the PC running the state or a network terminal, in this condition, self-test and self-diagnostic aid inside the machine
    Regulatory functions, the user can run or UPS alarm status displayed in real time on a remote terminal computer network, when faced with an alarm condition, it may send E-mail to a user ,, call BP machine,
    Dialing, etc. alarm. "Self-diagnosis" management system can provide more than 80 pieces of data information and operating parameters alarm information (voltage, current, frequency to the user through intelligent, neutral current and
    Battery charge and discharge current and voltage, etc.). To "stack" in the form of the above 400 kinds of power supply operating parameters automatically stored and displayed. Can automatically store up to 500 fault and alarm information,
    Provides users with fault analysis and statistics, which can significantly reduce on-site maintenance time.
    RDHU series: 160KVA-400KVA (technical parameters)
    Model RDHU33160 RDHU33200 RHDU33250 RDHU33300 RDHU33400
    Rated capacity 160KVA 200KVA 250KVA 300KVA 400KVA
    Rated voltage 380/400/415AC, three phase four wires
    Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Input character(rectifier)
    Input voltage 380/400/415AC, three phase four wires
    Voltage range 228V-478V
    Current harmonic <=3%
    Power factor >=0.99
    Frequency range 50/60Hz
    DC character
    Charger output voltage accuracy <=1%
    DC ripple wave voltage <=1%
    Output character(inverter)
    Inverter output voltage 380/400/415AC, three phase four wires
    Steady state response time <20ms
    Power factor 0.9 1 0.9 1 0.9
    100% unbalance load voltage asymmetry -0.01
    Balance load voltage asymmetry -0.01
    Overload ability 10 minutes at 125% load
    Voltage stability Steady state <1%(typical)
    Transient state <3%(typical)
    Total harmonic distortion 100% linear load <2%(typical)
    100% nonlinear load 5%(typical)
    Frequency accuracy (internal clock) -0.0005
    Charge current 0.2AXC10
    Input voltage 380/400/415AC, three phase four wires
    Voltage range -40%~+20%(default), adjustable by software
    Work environment
    Maximum working height <=1000m
    Temperature 0-40 degree centigrade
    Humidity 0~95%
    Store temperature -25~70 degree centigrade
    Noise 74dB
    Up to standard Safety:60950-1,UL1778; EMC:IEC62040-2
    Physical character
    Weight(Kg) 750 800 850 900
    Size(mm) 1200*900*1900