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Classic online High frequency 1-3KVA

Related Capacity: 1000VA/800W
Input $ Output Voltage: 200/208/220/230/240V AC
Dispaly : LCD/ LED
Frequency Range: 40-70HZ

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  • Product description

    Classic online High frequency ups power 1-3KVA 
    Action :The 1-3KVA series single phase online high frequency UPS adopt high performance micro controller unit, dual protective by software and hardware and intelligent battery management technology. The 1-3KVA series UPS have high reliability, stable performance, high efficiency, human-based management and excellent quality of product. Widely used on small-scale server, workstation, POS terminal, mobile base, automated teller machine and the office online environment with securities, transport, electric, industry etc…

    Product Features

      High frequency online UPS power supply with small size, light weight, and high energy efficiency, the use of zero-conversion design with pure sine wave output technology, effectively increasing the load on the power supply quality stability and reliability.
       1. Blue Large LCD Chinese display interface, user-friendly.
       2. The high-frequency pure online UPS, with voltage adjustment circuit, in adverse operating environment, can provide a stable power supply protection.
       3. Comprehensive electrical isolation protection and bypass protection.
       4.The input power factor correction, reducing the harm of harmonics on the grid to facilitate mating small generators.
       5. Automatic alarm; self-test function
       6. Wide input voltage range
       7. Enter the zero line of fire detection and data line protection
       8. When a power outage, you can start direct, convenient and reliable; when utility power is restored, you can start automatically.

    The application range

     This series especially for critical equipment, such as communications systems and computer network systems, or to provide a more flexible and reliable power protection for power devices demanding environment.

    The long-term power supply design

       Renda UPS offers a comprehensive long-term machine for users to choose. Configure the appropriate battery pack allows the user to use the time to discharge up to about eight hours, in order to meet the requirements of different grid environments.
    Fifth, the long-term capacity-powerful charge:
       In addition to long-term machine Renda UPS prolonged discharge, recharge the battery capacity is also very strong, can provide the initial charging current of about 4-9A.
    Six, strong anti-interference:
      Against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, Renda UPS follow international standards EN50090-2 and IEC61000-4 standards system designed to effectively improve the safety and reliability of the UPS.
    Seven, self-check function:
      Renda UPS may be the case of analog power into the battery power mode, this function either through self-test button on the front panel at any time to perform, it can be used with monitoring software, according to a regular or irregular manner.
    Eight, can be used with generators:
      Wide input voltage and frequency range, so Renda UPS with major brands with the use of a generator, using a more extended time, while effectively eliminates adverse generators of electricity for the load to provide clean, safe and stable power supply.
    Nine, can be accessed by inductive load:
       Renda UPS can be connected to an inductive load (pf = 0.8). Customers who have other special needs, can directly contact Suorui De companies.
    Ten, website monitoring software free download WinPower:
       To enable users to Renda UPS management more convenient and effective monitoring software can be downloaded for free on WinPower Suorui De website intelligent management.
    XI, sine wave output:
      Whether in mains mode or battery mode, can be low-distortion sine wave output power, the power to provide the best protection for the user load equipment.
    Twelve, zero transfer time:
       When power cut or re-power, Renda UPS between AC mode and battery mode switching is totally conversion time, effectively ensuring the load operation and data storage reliability.
    Thirteen, input power factor correction:
       Renda UPS with input power factor correction, under full load, the input power factor can reach above 0.95, so that the user's network environment is not contaminated.
    Ninth, DC start:
      Under mains failure state, if required to start the computer using the Renda UPS or other loading equipment, can boot directly to the battery current, so the use of more convenient and reliable
    XIV bypass protection:
      Emergency bypass function capability greatly enhanced, while the user load equipment for the power of special requirements, such as the voltage is not too high, too high bypass supply voltage protection, allowing users to load service equipment from high voltage risk.

  • High frequency 1-3KVA (technology parameters)
    Model RDHI 1101 RDHI 1102 RDHI 1103
    Rated capacity 1000VA/800W 2000VA/1600W 3000VA/2400W
    Phase Signal phase to earth
    Rated voltage 200/208/220/230/240 VAC
    Voltage range 110-300VAC
    Frequency range 40-70Hz
    Power factor >0.99 @ rated voltage(full load)
    Output voltage 200/208/220/230/240 VAC
    Voltage range -0.01
    Frequency range(synchronous correction range) 47~53Hz or 57~63Hz
    Frequency range(battery mode) 50Hz or 60Hz +-0.1Hz
    Current peak ratio 03:00.1
    Total harmonic distortion THD<3%(liner loaded), THD<6%(nonlinear loaded)
    Conversion time AC to DC Zero
    Inversion to bypass 4ms(typical)
    Battery mode Sin wave
    Power mode 87% 90% 90%
    Battery mode 83% 87% 89%
    Standard type Battery type 12V / 9AH
    Amount 2 6 8
    Typical charging time 4 hours to 90%
    Charging current(max) 1.0A
    Charging voltage 27.4VDC+-1% 82.1VDC+-1% 109.6VDC+-1%
    Long-acting type Battery type Based on capacity of battery
    Amount 3 6 8
    Charging current(max) 1.0A/2.0A/4.0A/6.0A
    Charging voltage 41.1VDC+-1% 82.1VDC+-1% 109.6VDC+-1%
    Indicator light
    LCD Load, battery, power mode, battery mode, bypass mode and error
    Battery mode Beep every 4 seconds
    Battery low Beep every 1 seconds
    Over load Beep every 1 seconds
    Error Long ringing
    Working environment
    Humidity 20-90% @ 0-40 degree centigrade
    Noise Less than 50dB @ 1 meter
    Control manage
    Smart RS-232 /USB Support Windows 2000/2003/XP/VISTA/2008, Windows 7/8, Linux, Unix, MAC
    SNMP(optional) Support electric management with network administrator or web browser based on SNMP technology