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PV Charger & Inverter

Related Capacity: 500W
Input Voltage Range: 33-60v dc
Related Battery Voltage: 24vdc
Related Voltage Range: 220v AC
Switching Time: <3ms

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  • Product description
    Auto power on and power off
     When sunrise, inverter auto power on when solar panels output increased reach to inverter working point. When inverter is working, inverter will monitoring the power output on real time, inverter keep on running when solar panels output power greater than minimum inverter power. Inverter can also work at rainy days. When the solar panels output decrease until inverter output power approach to zero, inverter will power off automatically.
     Maximum Power Point Tracking
     Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system is adjusting the inverter working state to make the solar panels output power always at a high efficiency state. The greatest feature of solar inverter is covering a MPPT system

    Product features
    1. Adopt MPPT technology, efficiency up to 97%
    2. strong compatibility, easy to maintain
    3. Digital control unit
  • Solar inverter (technical parameters)
    Model RD500 RD1000 RD1500
    Rated capacity 500W 1000W 1500W
    Inverter mode
    Input voltage range 33-60VDC
    Rated battery voltage 24VDC
    Floating charge voltage 27.2VDC
    Rated output voltage 220VAC
    Rated output frequency 50Hz+-1Hz
    Input voltage range +-2% Vrms
    Output current 2.27A 4.54A 6.8A
    Output total voltage harmonic distortion <=2%
    Efficiency >80%
    Controller efficiency >95%
    Quiescent current <=3%Irms
    Peak ratio 03:01
    Overload protect 125% load, 60 seconds
    150% load, 10 seconds
    Switching time <3ms
    Power mode
    Input voltage range 220+-10% VAC
    Input frequency range 50Hz+-1Hz
    Display LCD+LED
    Display parameters Voltage, battery, load, current
    Communication RS232+RS485
    Cooling FAN
    Protect Over load, over frequency, short circuit, over charge, over temperature
    Isolation Low frequency transformer
    temperature -10℃~50℃
    Humidity <93%
    Noise <60dB
    Altitude <1000m