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UPS power supply detection of static testing

Release date: 2015-09-29
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Static UPS uninterruptible power supply detection test, the customer upon receipt of UPS products, it is recommended immediately do a static test to determine eligibility for power products. Static online uninterruptible power supply detection test is an important step that can detect the merits of the situation most power products. Static testing simple and convenient.
Static Testing Tools required: distortion meter, oscilloscope, power disturbance analyzer
Static testing can be obtained through the waveform, frequency, output power three characteristics. details as follows:
When UPS power is generally no-load and full-load conditions, observing the waveform is normal, distortion using distortion meter to measure the output voltage waveform. Under normal operating conditions connected to a resistive load, the total harmonic content measured relative output voltage waveform distortion measuring instrument, shall comply with the requirements of the product specified, generally less than 5%, should go beyond this range, then prove that the product is not very stable power supply.

Backup UPS power supply frequency is generally available oscilloscope to observe the output voltage of the frequency and use the "power disturbances analyzer" measure. Currently UPS output voltage and frequency in general can meet the requirements. But UPS frequency circuit, when the local oscillator is not precise enough, there may be unstable when the mains frequency, UPS output voltage frequency changes also followed. UPS output frequency accuracy generally in sync with the mains, can reach ± ​​0.2%, if outside this range, and manufacturers will have to be confirmed.

The output voltage
When UPS power supply input voltage is 90% of rated voltage, and output load or input voltage is 100% to 110% of rated voltage, output load is zero, the output voltage should be maintained within the range of ± 3% of nominal. And manufacturers will have to confirm that exceeds the range of normal power supply products will fluctuate within this range. When there is, when the input voltage is rated voltage of 90% or 110%, the output voltage of a phase load, the other two phases of 100% of rated load or no-load two-phase, another phase of 100% load, its The output voltage shall be maintained within ± 3% of the rated value, the phase difference should be maintained at 4 ° range. If out of range, you need to be vigilant, and manufacturers need to confirm. Any of UPS products, the factory have done rigorous testing inspection to ensure that the customer's usage rights, any manufacturers of products in Shenzhen production, quality assurance, 24 years of production experience, product reliability. Renda UPS power supply (