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Ten Tips to extend the life of UPS's(section 2)

Release date: 2015-10-08
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7. Battery charge balance has skills
 Many backup UPS power supply used in VRLA batteries (VRLA) from the start is called maintenance-free battery, thus giving the user a misunderstanding, it seems that the battery durable and completely maintenance-free. Under this misleading many users from a battery installed after there has been no basic maintenance and management. UPS power supply when the battery in the following situations to deal with a balanced charges the battery: excessive discharge resulting calibration voltage of the battery voltage is lower than specified. For 12V small sealed lead-acid batteries, which discharge calibration voltage 10.5V; for 24V battery pack, the discharge end voltage of 21V; for 96V battery pack, the discharge calibration voltage 85V. After the discharge is not timely to recharge the battery; long idle battery. Power failure, continuous floats battery and emits nearly half the capacity of the battery.

8. Do not use diesel generators
UPS uninterruptible power supply not powered by a diesel generator, because of the frequency of mutations is often unstable, affecting the normal operation of the UPS.

9. Note from operator safety
 In connection to the UPS output power, consideration should pay attention to safety, because the UPS output voltage and current are large, so we must pay attention when connecting the output of the power supply security to prevent electric shocks. Replace the battery and turn off the online uninterruptible power supply from the mains, use a screwdriver with insulated handle, do not leave any tools or other metal objects on the battery. When connecting the battery cable, a small spark is normal phenomenon occurs in the joints, will not cause harm to personal safety and UPS power supply, do not short-circuit the battery positive and negative or reverse. When replacing the battery, not the individual replacement, the best overall replacement. Also prohibited combination of different amperage battery, use a different brand.
10. make real-time monitoring
 Currently Smart UPS are equipped with computer communication and program control operability characteristics. Install the appropriate software on a PC connected to UPS via serial / parallel port, run the program, you can use the computer to communicate with the UPS. Generally have information inquiry, parameter setting, time setting, automatic shutdown and alarm functions. As Winpower. Then through a dedicated serial control cable to connect the UPS to the computer, and then through the RS232 RS485 communication and two protocols, UPS can be achieved when there is no mains input and low power automatic shutdown function. And it can simultaneously monitor multiple UPS on multiple serial ports connected. Among them, through RS232 protocol, a serial port can only be connected to a UPS, through RS485 protocol, a serial port can connect up to 256 UPS. For more detailed, please visit Renda official website