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Ten Tips to extend the life of UPS's(section 1)

Release date: 2015-09-30
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Backup UPS power supply to protect data and equipment from damage a very important role. Power protection for businesses, has made a steady voltage safety protection. Therefore, the correct use and maintenance of UPS, it is very important. In fact, a reasonable maintenance and use UPS, UPS is required throughout the entire life cycle. To ensure their normal operation and long service life, the use and maintenance should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Choose the reasonable installation location of a good installation location is very important, placed UPS place must have good ventilation, away from water, flammable gases and corrosive, ambient temperature is maintained at between 0 ~ 40 ℃, if at a low temperature disassembly used, there may be condensation droplets. Once the ambient temperature exceeds 25 degrees, every increase of 10 degrees, the battery life would be shortened by half. UPS batteries currently used are generally maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery design life is generally five years.
UPS power supply should not be on its side, should maintain the inlet hole and the vents unobstructed; load the UPS power connection, first turn off the load, then wiring, and then opens each load, non-electric, copiers and other inductive load access UPS, in order to avoid damage. When the UPS uninterruptible power supply will receive special socket with overcurrent protection device on the power outlet should be connected to the protection ground terminal; regardless of the input power cord is plugged into the mains socket, UPS output are likely to live. For UPS has no output, must first turn off the switch, and then cancel the mains supply.

2. The first charge has skills
After the new purchase online uninterruptible power supply, turn the UPS into the 220V mains, the charge for at least 12 hours to ensure the batteries fully charged. Otherwise, the actual available battery capacity of the battery will be significantly lower than the nominal capacity. If the UPS power supply long-term need. Should be every two to three months the boot 24 hours, allowed to charge fully, and let the UPS inverter power supply is in working condition for 2 to 3 minutes to ensure the normal life of the battery. Once connected to the mains power supply UPS, it began to charge the battery pack, press and hold the power button for 1 second or boot up, namely open inverter.

3.UPS not long idle
Battery over-discharge and long-term open-idle batteries can increase the internal resistance of the battery can charge and discharge performance deterioration. For long idle UPS power, before re-boot, let UPS power utilization inside the charging circuit charging load followed 12 hours later, for
 back-up UPS power supply, preferably every month, let online UPS power supply in the inverter state operation 2 to 3 minutes, to activate the battery. In addition, the need for strict control of the battery charging current must not exceed the maximum allowable battery charging current. Because excessive charging current can cause shorten the life of the battery.

4. Use the startup and shutdown sequence when UPS
Right boot off sequence should be the first to open the UPS power supply to it, and then turn each load, damage to the instantaneous current impact caused when UPS to avoid startup sequence when shutting down the opposite should be the last to close each load off the UPS . When the power failure is powered by UPS, you should save your data as quickly as possible and then turn off the computer information, otherwise use UPS power supply UPS work may cause excessive discharge, thus shortening the life of the UPS.

5. Avoid using UPS overload
When using UPS also calculate the size of the load, to avoid the load is too large or too small, too large UPS loads can cause long-term work overload state thus shortening the life of UPS; If the load is too small, UPS's work long-term work in the circuit abnormal state, which for UPS also has some hazards. Reasonable load should be controlled between 50% to 80%. Practice has proved that, UPS output load control at around 60% for the best, the best reliability. UPS will take you to appear in an overload or inverter failure bypass mode, when UPS does not have the back-up function, the power used by the load is supplied directly by the power system.

6. exchange regulator use
After using UPS power supply, you do not have plus exchange regulator. If you must add, should be added to the UPS front stage, namely first by the AC mains voltage regulator, and then by UPS, then to the load. For more, please pay attention to the section two or
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